Jetwing Surf stay indeed felt like that we’re living in a paradise😍 The surrounding was gorgeous and the cabanas were so homely we didn’t even feel like leaving. One of the many reasons is that it is just a few steps away from the golden beach and you can either have a long walk at the beach or take a dip in the pool while watching the sunrise early in the morning. Wonder where this place is? This is based on an unspoiled beach stretch in Pottuvil, a few minutes away from Arugam Bay.


With that being said, just want to quickly mention about the foooood! Yep! You see that excitement from just the way I said it! We clearly got attracted to this place because of the way Jetwing Staff spoiled us with the mouth-watering dishes made in the best way possible. Not to mention the head chef and the staff, they made sure that we experienced every bit of taste in all the food they spoiled us with! One thing I still can’t take my mind off is the floating breakfast we had in the pool while bathing under the warmth of the glorious morning sun.


The eco-friendly cabanas gave us another level of living experience with an unforgettable view and unique architecture that gives these cabanas a majestic look. Not to forget the indoor and outdoor shower experience; I’m sure Nati enjoyed it more as she loves to soak herself under the sunlight at any time of the day!

One last thing I can say before I finish this blog is that this place is definitely a piece fallen from heaven and we don’t mind visiting here over and over again just to get spoiled. 



If you’re someone who already visited this location please comment below or if my blog is convincing enough for you to make a booking; why don’t you have your perfect getaway, come back and share your experience in the comments below. Either way, we are sharing our experiences to inspire whoever reads this to travel.